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RE: Big Mike's Training Log

Tuesday SBD
11 Squat- 70-80%, 18-23 NL
525x3 @8
575x3 @9
600x2 @8.5
600x2x2 @8
525x3 @8
565x3 @9 (46m)

Bench +180pp +180cc- 70-80%, 18-23 NL
225x3 @8.5
240x3 @9
250x2x2 @8
250x2 @8.5
225x3 @7.5
235x3 @8 (32m)

SLDL off 100lb plate- 4-5x8
465x8 @9
495x8 @9
530x8 @9 (19m)

Total Training Time: 143min

Wow. What a workout. I had about 10 hours since yesterdays workout and I was smoked from the start, but it turned out pretty good. The volume was really good and I hit weights I was supposed to hit.
Squats were pretty good. I moved the weight without issue. The only problem was that I kept leaning forward a lot. That was probably due to deadlifting yesterday, so Im not worried about it. I was just tired.
Bench work was solid. It felt better than benching felt yesterday. Volume was good.
SLDLs went well. I was really tired when I got to these, so I just did 3 sets, which resulted in a PR.
Im freakin dead right now. I need to get some rest. I think Ill try to do some recovery work tomorrow, but not much. I just need to heal up for the final push of the final high-stress week before the meet.



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Thursday SBS
Suit Squat (Bonita)- 70-80% 18-23 NL
665x3 @8
715x3 @7.5
755x2x3 @8
755x3 @9
665x3 @8 (50m)

Pause Bench- 70-80%, 18-23 NL
365x3 @8
390x3 @7.5
415x2x3 @8
415x3 @8
365x3 @7 (17m)

SSB Squat- 4-5x6
385x6 @7.5
425x6 @8.5
455x6 @9
425x6 @9 (22m)

Total Training Time: 134 min

Overall, the volume of this session was very high and intensity was pretty low as planned. This is a high stress, low intensity week.
Squats went pretty good. Depth is close as usual for me. The weights were moving well, though, which is always encouraging.
I had to rush through benches, but the weights felt light, so there was no issue with it. Im anxious to spin this up and try another PR.
I hit the SSB work in a 2nd session. It went really well and was an 11 pound PR from last week!
All in all, a really good session. I hope tomorrow is as good as this one.


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What does the name next to your suit work mean?



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That's the suit I'm using. I have a ****-ton of suits and I had to have a way to tell them apart, so I named them. Same with shirts.



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Friday BDB
Bench (pinky on ring) +90c- 70-80%, 18-23 NL
355x3 @8.5
375x3 @8
395x2x3 @8
395x3 @8.5
355x3 @8.5 (34m)

Deadlift +90c- 70-80%, 18-23 NL
535x3 @8
575x3 @8
605x2 @8
605x2 @8.5
605x2 @8
535x3x2 @8 (54m)

Flat Back Floor Press- 4-5x6
275x6 @8
295x6 @8
315x6 @9
295x6 @9 (11m)

Total Training Time: 132 min

Getting up this morning was rough. The cycle has taken its toll and Im feeling a bit of beat up. We trudged through todays workout. Weights moved a little slow a sign of being a bit overtrained, so things are just as they are supposed to be.
Benching went well. I didnt have a ton of focus because I was tired and sore, but I still moved decently and things went well.
Deadlifts took forever and I had to dig down a little to finish these out, but again, alls well and Im happy that I gut-checked when I needed to.
The flat back floor press was interesting. It might have some general prep applications, so Ill have to wait and see how the rest of training pans out for my next Macro.

***In other news, the IPF rankings came out today. I am pound-for-pound the #3 ranked lifter in the world! Obviously Im pretty stoked about that! Also, if I go 9 for 9 at Nationals while weighing 271 or less, Ill eclipse Olechs wilks score and have the highest Wilks in the world. And Im not even close to reaching my potential!

*****Block Analysis
This week wraps up my last volume block before Nationals. Im glad, too. Four weeks is about the longest I can take a single block with no variations. Overall, I think it went just as it was supposed to and I managed to build a very good base of volume for the upcoming intensity block. Stress went M, H, M, H. The last week recorded the highest volume of the block with 107,000 pounds of work-sets. There was about 350,000 pounds of volume in the block as a whole spread across 769 total reps. In this block, I did 256 work sets. My normalized volume was just over 58,000. Intensity was L, M, M, L. The intensity during the last week was slightly lower in the last week than in the first. In the last week, the concentration of volume was in the 70-80% range with a few reps (about 20%) being in the 80-90% range.
The upper and lower body composed nearly even parts of the total, so theres not a lot to comment about there.
All in all, this was the most volume Ive done in quite some time (maybe ever). I feel like I am set up very well for a good peaking block and subsequently a good meet. I just need to ensure Im managing my stress well and take some extra recovery efforts. That will ensure that Ive made all the adaptations that I can make and that Im well rested going into this Intensity block.


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Congrats on the #3 position!! Want to tell us what you plan for nats.. or you keeping it secret so you dont jinx yourself? Just curious what kind of ridiculous ammounts you plan this time.


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don't know what he's got planned but I plan on watching him squat 900+



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If I go 9 for 9, I could definately see myself squatting 903, benching 660, and pulling 861 for a 2420-ish total. That would be a Jr American record in all 4 catagories. It would be a Jr world record deadlift and total. The deadlift would also be an american record (beating Jon Kuc's 856. If you don't know who Jon Kuc is, kill yourself or look it up on google, your choice). It would also be a Open world record total and also likely to be the highest wilks in the IPF (higher than all the freaks such as Brian Siders, Wade Hooper, Jarslow Olech, that tiny Japaneese dude, and all the rest).

Now, I'm not calling my shot or anything. That's a 9 for 9 perfect day, but it's still well within the realm of my capability. It's going to be a hell of a show!


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That is ****ing awesome. Beating Kuc's record alone would be a legendary feat. I hope you take it...its just a matter of time.

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So, I've been unbelievably busy the last week or so. I've bought a condo, moved all my ****, then started driving across the country. That's why I'm vomiting up all these workouts all at once. Anyway, here's my week:

Week 1 Intensity Block
Sunday SBD
Squat +90c- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
535x3 @8
575x2 @8
605x3 @9
605x2 @9
535x3 @8.5 (32m)

Bench +180pp +90c- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
315x3 @9
335x2 @9
355x1 @9.5
335x2 @9 (21m)

RDL- 3x8
535x8 @8.5
575x8 @8 Cut it short b/c I had somewhere to be

Total Training Time: 108min

This workout wasnt too bad for being rushed like it was. The squat work was pretty good. Despite feeling a touch shakey due to moving all my stuff yesterday, I hit a 5 pound PR. Thats as solid as my squat has felt in a while.
The bench work wasnt so hot. I got numbers from the last time I did this movement and grossly overestimated where I should be with my working weights. So instead of being 75-85%, I was 85-95%. Once I realized it (set 3), I adjusted the volume accordingly. Youll notice I only got 8 NL, which is still high in that percent range, but I basically cut any losses I might have incurred by doing more volume.
The RDLs felt solid. I would have hit a PR here, but I ran out of time.

Tuesday BDB
Shirt Bench (Janet)- 80-90%, 8-10 NL
585x2 @8
625x1 @8.5 (fast!)
650x2 @9
650x1 @8.5
585x2 @8 (45m)

Deadlift w/belt- 80-90%, 8-10 NL
705x2 @9 huh?
765x1 @9.5 (17m) cut my losses.

Incline (thumb from smooth)- 3-4x5
315x5 @8
335x5 @8.5
355x5 @9 (8m)

Total Training Time: 161min

The shirt work today was fantastic. I hit another square 5 pound PR. My bench is feeling really good lately. My goal for the meet is 661, so as its been lately, the strength is already there. I just have to focus on hitting the right stuff in the meet.
Deadlift tanked again for the second time in the last 4 weeks. I am wondering if 1) the RDLs have anything to do with it and 2) if the high-stress pulling in the 70-80% range has anything to do with it. In conjunction with all that, Im in the process of moving, so Ive been spending my days hauling boxes and stuff around. It shouldnt be a big deal, but Im not used to it. Whatever the problem is, it needs to be fixed.
Inclines were good, but I was just going through the motions.

Wednesday Restoration
Stretching- 30min
Steam-Shower Contrast- 30min

Feeling much better psychologically and physically. Im still moving everything. Tomorrow I lift early and then I start driving to ASBC.

Thursday SBS
Suit Squat (Julie) +wraps- 80-90%, 8-10 NL
755x2 @7.5
805x1 @7
855x2 @9 (36m)

Pause Bench- 80-90%, 8-10 NL
415x2 @8
445x1 @7
475x2 @9
475x1 @8.5
415x2 @8 (25m)

SSB Oly Squat +90c- 3-4x5
415x5 @8.5
435x5 @8.5 Cut it there. My knee felt weird and it wasnt worth it. (12m)

Total Training Time: 167

First of all, moving this last week has really taken its toll. I was falling asleep between sets during squats, so to do as well as I did was actually quite a feat.
And for the most part, squats were pretty awesome! 855 for a double was solid and close on depth. This was a 9 pound PR! I cut it after that set because I was exhausted and I didnt see what more volume was going to do for me.
By the time I got to Pause Bench, I was starting to wake up a little. I hit 475x2 @9, which was another 5 pound PR. I was really happy with this.
The SSB work felt heavy, but I was getting through it alright. After the second set, my knee felt just a little weird, so I decided to live to fight another day.
My lower body volume for this week is going to be aweful! It probably wont matter as I feel like I needed the break, but it hasnt been that great.
After this session, I went home, loaded my car, and drove for 12 hours. My back was tight and it was worse when I got out of the car.

Friday BDB
Ply Press- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
365x3 @7.5
395x2 @8
420x3 @8 (9)
420x2x2 @8.5 (24m) I meant to do 410, but I forgot about the 55lb bar

Deadlift w/o belt- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
625x3 @8
675x2 @9 slightly out of position
706x3 @9
706x1 @10 smoked
625x3 @8 (35m)

Lockouts (pretty low lockouts)- 70-80%, 14-18 NL
415x5 @8
445x4 @9
465x4 @9 (13m)

Total Training Time: 117 min

So I made it to Omaha last night. Ill be here for a few days. A friend of mine is getting married. Anyways, I woke up Friday morning and knowing I needed to train, I started looking for a gym. Lo and behold, Big Iron Gym is about 20 minutes down the road. I couldnt pass up that opportunity, so I went over there. I met Becca Swanson, who was working the front desk. She seems like a really nice person. I also met Richie Briggs, who hung out with me throughout my training session. That was pretty cool. On Saturday morning, theyre doing their openers for squat and bench for the upcoming APF Nationals meet. They invited me back over there. Id like to go, but I dont know if Ill have the time with the wedding being today. Well see.
Ply Press was better than expected. I forgot I was using a 55 pound bar, so that was an unexpected 12 pound PR.
MY DEADLIFT CAME BACK! I hit a PR no-belt pull today by hitting 706 for a triple. Hopefully it stays like this.
Lockouts were pretty lackluster, as they usually are on new equipment. I should have opted for floor press. Hell, Richie Briggs was there to hand off to me if I needed it



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Its an awsome opportunity to train with you daily Mike.  We will both make great progress.  I have complete faith that you will hit your goals in Kileen TX.  Keep training hard big buddy


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I'll be at Killeen handling Grant and Jamaal. Looking forward to seeing you lift. Its gonna be sweet, only crappy part is I have to watch ya'll lift and not kick any ass myself, but I'll be there next year, after I take home some medal from collegiates.



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Sorry I've been so terrible about posting lately. It should be much better now. I was on the road for a few days, too busy for a few days, then the internet was out for a few days. But anyway, here's what I've got so far. I've been working with Brady since I got to Alabama and it's been really cool.

Week 2
Monday SBD
Squat +90c- 85-95%, 5-6 NL
605x2 @8
650x1 @9
680x0 @10 ugliest squat ever. Total misgroove.
605x1 @10 shot. (34m)

Bench +180pp +90c- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
285x3 @8
305x2 @8
317x2 miss 3 @10 screwed up my rhythm
317x3 @9
285x2 @7.5 (30m)

GM (Squat stance)- 3-4x5
405x5 @8
425x5 @8
445x5 @8.5 (19m)

Total Training Time: 135min

Squat +90c: This was good up to the 680 set, which shouldnt have been that hard. I just forgot how to squat on that set or something. Im sure spending literally all day in a car yesterday didnt help whatsoever.
Bench work was pretty good. I missed the first set at 317 because I was choking on my own spit. The second set went, though.

Tuesday BDB
Shirt Bench (Helen)- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
545x3 @7.5
585x2 @8
615x3 @9
615x1x2 @7.5
545x2 @8 (45m)

Deadlift w/belt- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
675x3 @8
715x2 @8
751x3 @9
751x1 @9.5 gassed!
675x2 @8.5 (39m)

Incline (thumb from smooth)- 4x6
315x6 @8
335x6 @8
345x6 @9
335x6 @8.5 (22m)

Total Training Time: 160min

I drove to Atlanta this morning and trained at Quest Gym on my way to Montgomery for ASBC. Quest Gym is by far the most awesome gym I have ever been in. I would love to train there.
Shirt work went well. I hit a 2 pound PR here today and got some good work in my shirt.
Deadlifts continued to go well today. I was really happy about that, too.

Wednesday ASBC Conditioning
1.5 mile run

Thursday AM ASBC Conditioning
1.5 mile run

Thursday PM SBS
Suit Squat (Lana) + wraps- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
715x3 @7.5
775x2 @8
810x3 @9
810x2 @8.5
715x2 @7 (51m)

Pause Bench- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
400x3 @8
425x2 @7
450x3 @9
450x3 @9
405x3 @7.5 (25m)

Skipped Zerchers. Just couldnt see anything useful coming from it today.

Total Training Time: 125min

Because of work, I didnt start this session until 8:30 PM. Brady and I finished at 10:30 PM. Fun.
The work was good, though. The suit work was a 3 pound PR (with room to spare), which is very good considering all the running Ive been involved in.
I also PRed in the pause bench by a little.

Friday BDB
Ply Press- 80-90%, 8-10 NL
425x1 @7
450x2 @8
460x2 @8
480x2 @9
480x1 @8.5 (36m)

Deadlift- 80-90%, 8-10 NL
675x2 @8
715x1 @9
715x1 @9
750x0 @10 Stupid. (28m)

Flat Back Floor Press- 75-85%, 12-16 NL
365x5 @8
405x3 @8
435x3 @9
405x5 @8.5

Total Training Time: 121min

Weird workout. Here it goes:
Ply Press was a 37 pound PR. I have no idea how it happened, but its pretty cool. The 480 would have been easier too, but I had the bar misplaced on my hands and it wanted to roll. I havent had a PR like that in a long time.
Deadlift sucked again. I should have known better, but I was hard-headed and pushed anyway. If 715 was a single @9, why did I think 750 could be a double @9? I have to quit making dumb mistakes with my pull.
Flat back floor press was another ridiculous PR. The setup was a little different this week, which may be responsible, but Im not totally sure.

Week 3 Test Week
Monday BDB
Shirt Bench (Crystal, 0 wears)- 85-95%, 5-6 NL
625x1 @7
665x1 @8
700x1 @9.25 about 1 from touching
675x1 @8 (34m)

Deadlift w/belt- 85-95%, 5-6 NL
755x1 @8.5
805x0 @10 WTF? My hammy is pissed (13m)

Cut it there b/c my nervous system felt trashed.

Total Training Time: 105min

HIT MY FIRST 700 BENCH TODAY! It was pretty damn fast, too! Brady says I was good for 725 at least. I feel like I was probably good for about 735 or so for sure. I definitely have more to learn with the shirts. I need to get it dialed in so I can wear a very tight shirt (or maybe even jack one up what a concept) and do it meet-legal. Im not far away now, but its just a note of what I want to do in the future.
As awesome as my bench was, Deadlift sucked. I missed 805 today. I have just been training my pull too heavy too often. Im going to start deloading my DL today in hopes of recovering some ability by the time the meet gets here. This really opens up my plans for DLs (not in a good way). Im hoping for a meet PR, but well see how it plays.

Tuesday AM -- ASBC Conditioning
Ran around a lot

Tuesday PM SBD
Squat +90c- 70-80%, 14-18 NL
505x3 @8
545x3 @8
575x2 @8
575x3 @8.5
505x3 @7.5 (25m)

Bench +180pp +90c- 70-80%, 14-18 NL
265x3 @7
285x3 @8
300x2 @8
300x3 @8
275x3 @7.5 (22m)

GM (squat stance)- 2x8
355x8 @8
405x8 @9 (9m)

Total Training Time: 87min

Oddly, this was a good workout. Squats felt strong despite everything. I do feel a little beat up, but Ill try to take care of that tomorrow.
Bench went well also.
Hit some big PRs on the GM today. I wanted to keep the volume low to save some for the squat test on Thursday.

Wednesday ASBC Conditioning
Ran about 2.5 miles
Will do some foam roll and relaxation stuff tonight.



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Huge bench, Mike! Best of luck at nationals. I will be hitting refresh like a madman on PLwatch waiting to see how you did.



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Thanks, Dan!

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